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A cool team that provides the best help for foreigners in China.

AnyHelper(上海初人)is the first tech-based internet company which focuses on international affairs in China. AnyHelper was founded in 2016 by Dr. Kelvin Chen who is also an AI expert from UT Austin and Shanghai JiaoTong University (SJTU). AnyHelper team created the first AI-based Q&A system for expats in China and was invested by SJTU in 2017.

Right now AnyHelper has become one of the top cross-border service platforms in China and opened several branches in different cities, such as Jakarta, Indonesia, Nagoya, Japan. AnyHelper is operating a whole process service solution including: China Visa & Immigration (VisaOfChina), Executive Search (AnyJob, 初锐国际), and Housing (EasyHome). AnyHelper is also one of the main players in international social media platforms and runs tens of websites, official wechat, Facebook and Linkedin accounts. In the past few years, AnyHelper has provided help and services to over 500,000 foreigners and 1000 international companies in China.

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